Mom or mother-in-law zillas: When your mom or mother in law to-be always has the final words, and she is the one who decides where to hold the wedding at, what to eat, who to invite, your wedding color scheme and much more … and here comes the worst, she joins most of your meetings with your vendors and make a lot of input of her own point of view.


Never disagrees with your momzillas, the situation might get worst! Nodded on her point of view to avoid direct conflict, but do what you believe is right. If you must compromise, go along with both points of view. For instance, she wants red for your wedding but you die for pink, go for red napkins and pink table linens or promise to offer a special red floral corsage for her.


Your “supportive” spouse

You did a lot ( and most) of the research for your wedding planning, when you are desperate for an opinion from your spouse to be, he answers blandly “whatever…you like”.


Before you melt down, remind yourself why you want to marry your spouse. There must be something that you admire him for. He may not be as keen as you’re in the wedding planning process, but find something that he is good at and let him take charge of it.



Going out of budget

You are completely out of the budget and your stress level reaches to its peak!


If you’re over your budget, write down and prioritize a list of wedding items. Start with items that are least important to you; in that way, it will be easier for you to decide which ones can be minimized.



The Bridesmaids

As if you do not have enough pressure, your bridesmaid complaints about her dress or made unhelpful inputs about your wedding.


Ask your troublesome bridesmaid what would she have done if she were you, she might either not say a word in return or talk until she drops. If she does, let her go for it, after she’s all done, just add a line “ I’ll try to see what I can fix.” Sometimes it’s really just a good talk out that one needs.




The RSVP deadline had passed and there’re still a lot of unresponded guests.


It’s understandable and okay to send a friendly reminder in email/ text to those who have not responded yet. Sometimes, people are simply too busy and have forgotten about it, a reminder is always helpful for both ends.


Congratulations to Jennifer and Jason, who have just got married at The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, one of our favorite wedding venues of all times. Not only does it offer breathtaking oceanfront view, but it also provides an all-in-one location site for both the ceremony and the reception. Guests, who attend a wedding at the hotel is alike to a getaway, they can take pleasure with the resort scenery and indulge with 5-star hotel dining experience. Munificent couple, lucky guests!

After a year of planning with Jennifer and Jason, our florist and décor team have converted the already beautiful venue to stunning! Please enjoy some of the recap below from the couple’s big day!


5 Ways to Obtain Free Wedding Planning:


  1. Book a few consultations: a lot of wedding planners offer free consultations, and the meetings typically last a good one hour or longer, ask as many questions as you have, many of your uncertainties will be cleared up!


  1. Visit wedding planners’ blogs: Some wedding planners will update their blogs frequently about their past weekend’s wedding; his/her stories will inspire you with ideas and tips.


  1. Tea for 2: Treat a friend, who had recently got married to an afternoon tea, ask her about the scope of her wedding and what she’d have changed if she has the chance to turn back.


  1. Download free and useful spreadsheets online: Nowadays, there are numerous of wedding planning templates that are free to download. Take a look at A Practical Wedding that offers free wedding planning templates: Customizable (And Free) Wedding Spreadsheets


  1. Fetch for an experienced wedding company: Top notch wedding service companies care about their reputation more than anything else, companies like TDE wedding has a standing of sustainable excellence, they offer complimentary wedding planning services towards most of their day of services, which avoid many unnecessary miscommunications. Click here for a step closer to great wedding services experience.

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Another lovely couple who took advantage of stress-free all-inclusive wedding service package. Everyone, including us as vendors enjoyed the night. It was a dazzling yet intimate wedding party took place at Domenico Winery; a beautiful winery that can hold a good party size, and a rare winery that conveniently located at the peninsula! The earth tone themed decoration: gold chivari chairs, rosette sweetheart table, ivory themed linen, napkins, and pearl decorated escort card stands, were all a perfect match to the entire atmosphere where bistro lighting and barrels were surrounded at the venue.