Do I Need Both an Emcee and a DJ for My Wedding?

You’re planning the perfect wedding, reception and all the details they entail. The time has come to make a decision regarding the music. Do you just need a DJ, or should you hire an emcee as well? Both perform different services and, like you and your fiancée, they work best together.

The DJ’s Role

A great wedding DJ uses music to create the mood you want and to keep the party going. Their job is to address the sound and entertainment needs of the reception, play requests and keep the dance floor active.

The Emcee’s Role

There are many moments during the reception that will need attention and direction. A wedding emcee manages these activities, making sure that everything goes smoothly, including but not limited to these moments:

  • Keeping a rundown for the evening and ensuring activities happen on time
  • Leading guests in any games the couple has planned
  • Introducing the Wedding Party
  • Introducing Key Toasts (Best Man, Maid of Honor)
  • Notification of the Cake Cutting
  • Notification of the First Dance
  • Notification of the Father/Bride and Mother/Groom Dance
  • Notification of the Departure of the Bride and Groom

A wedding emcee engages the crowd, keeps everyone informed of what is happening next, and works with the DJ to keep the atmosphere elevated.

Do You Need Both?

That depends on your needs and expectations. Party DJs are rarely a good choice for a reception, because they aren’t experienced with managing emcee tasks. Skilled wedding DJs can often handle both functions, but performing the emcee duties distracts from their other responsibilities. An emcee alone is never a good option unless you have a karaoke-themed reception. A DJ and emcee is a great combination that takes all of the worry off your shoulders.

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The Day Entertainment understands the important roles of the DJ and the emcee and the positive contribution they make to your wedding reception. In addition to our event sound services, we have an experienced MC/DJ team that will keep your reception moving at an appropriate pace while keeping everyone happy and entertained. Contact us online today to schedule your event, and let us help you bring your wedding dreams to life!

Event Lighting: Best Lighting Techniques for Weddings

When in the midst of wedding planning, there are plenty of details to consider; bridal party, guest list, location, date, menu, colors, theme — the list goes on. But how about the lighting? Ever try to relive a special day by watching a home video, just to realize the lighting didn’t capture the moment?

This is why event lighting services are so important when preparing for your wedding. To make the most of your wedding venue, decor, and overall mood, consider these different lighting styles to find the one (or several) that will work the best for your needs.

Why Choose TDE Wedding for Your Wedding Photography and Video?


We’ve heard it said that sometimes selecting the perfect photographer is as stressful, if not more so, than selecting a wedding venue! Considering photography and editing style, photo albums, the service hours needed, engagement photo shoot locations, and the shooting list is a lot of stress on newly-engaged couples who have no idea where to start. Our wedding specialists do our best to simplify all of these choices rather than bombarding our clients with information and leaving them to process everything. We’re always a call or email away when Pinterest wedding inspirations hit you.


Our wedding photography team not only captures and documents your big day, but realizes our clients have trusted us with this once-in-a-lifetime event, so it’s our responsibility to do it justice. Even before the wedding invitations go out, couples are welcome to choose their location for their engagement shoot to announce their nuptials to family and friends.

Of course living in or around San Francisco means there are several ideal locations for engagement and wedding photos. The Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Park and City Hall are often frequented by our engaged couples and photographers. For couples who are looking for a specific location that has its own flair and style, our wedding specialists are here to help achieve the photography style you desire. We’re there every step of the way from the beginning stages of location suggestions, all the way to post-production.


As for the big day itself, our photographers will capture everything from the getting ready moments, such as the details of the dress, shoes, rings, etc. and those perfectly timed candid moments that are equally as cherished as the shots that take time to setup and perfect. TDE believes in the importance of meeting our clients’ needs, so to ensure this, we offer clients the option of creating a shooting list as a checklist for the photography team to capture those shots that you’re truly looking for.

Our Bay Area Wedding Planners Are Just a Call Away

If you’re looking for engagement or wedding photography in the Bay Area, browse our online photo gallery for inspiration. You may also want to check out our all-inclusive wedding packages to see our wedding planning options, too! Give us a call today at (415) 813-8900, or fill out our online contact form here.

More All-Inclusive Wedding Packages are Including Dress Rentals


Wedding planners have their work cut out for them; coordinating events, creating a timeline, securing the right vendors, and all the other necessities that make a wedding day perfect. But one thing they aren’t typically responsible for is the wedding dress. That responsibility lies solely on the bride, but it’s also one huge detail that cannot be overlooked.

One of the most stressful things about finding a wedding dress is the hefty price tag. Weighing in at thousands of dollars, a wedding dress can put a huge dent in a wedding budget and compete with other important factors, like inviting more guests. If you want to avoid racking up your credit card, you may consider renting a wedding dress. Not only does this save you tons of money, it gives you other benefits.

No Tedious After Wedding Care

Did your mom pull out her sacred (yet sadly outdated) wedding dress as soon as you broke the good news to her? Did the poofy shoulders, ruffles and gaudy sequins make you cringe? If you have visions of saving your dress for your future daughter, chances are, they’ll likely have the same reaction you did, since wedding dress trends can go out of style quickly. Instead of taking up a bunch of room in your closet, simply return the dress when the big day is over! Not only does this save you time, space and dry cleaning errands, it will also prevent an awkward conversation between you and your daughter years down the line.

Your Dress Will Fit

The extra stress of having to stay a certain size or lose weight to fit a dress can drive brides insane. Instead of worrying about every calorie consumed while you’re bogged down with wedding details, when you rent a dress it’s often available in multiple sizes. If you happen to lose or gain weight right before the wedding day, the solution is simple: Trade it in for a bigger size! This removes and prevents the headache of having to run back and forth to the seamstress to get the dress altered.

Designer Options

In the age of Pinterest-inspired fantasy weddings, most brides have a taste that far exceeds their budget. Their favorite dress may be a designer “special” that’s $7,500. If you want the designer look without having to worry about payments, you’ll likely be able to afford a couple-hundred-dollars daily rental fee, instead of a whopping $7,500. When you cut down on gown prices, you can invest your money in more important areas like wedding vendors, the guest list and the honeymoon.

Here at TDE Wedding, we organize the gowns by mermaid style, ball gowns, and A-line gowns. The rental is for 3 days (pick up day before, use the day of the engagement shoot or wedding, and return the day after). Our rental fee (about $400) also includes standard cleaning fees. We also rent veils, evening gowns and Chinese gowns (kwas and qipaos).


A lot of brides like to wear a wedding dress in their engagement photo shoots, but most don’t want to have to clean the dress before the big day, or risk wear and tear on the dress. Renting a wedding dress ensures that you can wear one dress for the engagement photo shoot and another for the wedding day–all without the hassle of cleaning and proper storage!

Ready to Make a Budget-Friendly Wedding Decision? Contact TDE Wedding Today

Renting a wedding dress can be a safe, smart and budget-friendly wedding option. If you are looking for all-inclusive wedding packages or additional planning tips, contact TDE Wedding and speak to a professional wedding planner today at (415) 813-8900. You can also contact us online through our contact form here.

Wedding Photography Styles to Try on Your Big Day


You know what’s worst than a nightmare? Actually living one. That’s exactly what happens when newlyweds are suddenly shocked with mediocre wedding photography. Weddings are one of the most important events you will ever experience, so making sure you hire wedding photographers who can capture the style, tone and feeling of this day is imperative.