Details to Remember When Planning Your Big Day

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Whether you’re expecting 300 guests or 30, money, time, reservations, resources, meetings and more are all necessary to host a successful wedding. With the flurry of tasks brides need to complete, it’s so easy to forget about small, yet important details. It’s common to find brides running around the last minute, trying to make those final adjustments. To cut out the possibility of added stress that comes from poor planning, think ahead and don’t forget these small, little details.

Bring Your Marriage License

Think having the perfect wedding makes the marriage official? It might seem like it emotionally, but from a legal standpoint, you’ll need the marriage license in order to sport the “Mrs.” title. Check the jurisdiction of where your ceremony is located and take note of the deadlines way before the event takes place. Sometimes blood tests and special documents are required to complete the application. Gather your documents beforehand and plan enough for the process to be complete before the ceremony.

Feed Your Vendors

It’s important your guests feel comfortable and have a good time, but don’t forget about the wedding vendors and professionals you’ve hired to work your wedding. Well-fed workers will have the energy they need to run your important, all-day event. In some cases caterers will charge half price for the vendors meals. When you give the headcount to the caterer, don’t forget the band members, photographers, videographers and anyone else you’ve hired.

Guestbook & Pens

Give guests the chance to leave their congratulatory notes. You could encourage people to leave their favorite recipe ideas, marriage tips, etc. If you’re in danger of doing this last minute, run to your local book store to pick up a book that is characteristic of the theme of your wedding. Spend a little extra to pick up beautiful pens that match the theme, too.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank you

You might want to sign-off on the wedding tasks after the ceremony, but not quite yet. A simple thank you note goes a long way, and it’s the same for special events like weddings. Your thank you notes should be sent out no later than two months after your wedding. To keep this task from overwhelming you, carve out a few minutes each day to create personalized notes. This will help you manage the workload and keep the process less overwhelming. Tip: make a list of the gifts and gift-givers as you open them so you don’t forget who gifted what.

Our Bay Area Wedding Planning Team is Here to Help

These are just a few ideas that will help your wedding day go smoother. If you’re about to plan a wedding and want to avoid the burden of doing all the work yourself, contact our professional wedding coordinators who will guide you through the entire process. Call TDE Wedding today at 415-813-8900 to learn about our all-inclusive wedding packages, or fill out our online contact form right here on our website.

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Dare to Dream Big with Your 2016 Wedding Plans

What do Barbie dolls, Legos, cartoons and weddings all have in common? Not all that much– except they’re one of the many things kids think about a lot. The only difference is, unlike childhood games and toys, we never get too old for weddings. In fact, the plans we’ve had since childhood tend to mature and develop overtime. If the “big day” is around the corner, you might be wondering how you can bring those childhood fantasies to life. Hiring experienced wedding coordinators is certainly half the battle, but there are plenty of other things to consider if you want to make this the perfect event. Check out these top bridal trends for 2016, and start planning the perfect wedding for you and your fiancé!


©2016 The Day Entertainment/TDE Wedding

Modern, Rustic and Everything In Between

This year, you’ll see it all come together in one spectacular event. Vintage seating with spotless, whitewashed farm tables; eclectic and modernized centerpieces and a glamorous, ornate crystal chandelier. Sounds like a hodgepodge of styles, but under the professional guidance of a wedding planning team, like TDE Wedding, can showcase a unique touch of sophistication and class.


©2016 The Day Entertainment/TDE Wedding

Color, Color and More Color

Expect bright, vivacious colors and bold themes. Experts predict that many will shift away from neutral palettes to rich tones. Floral arrangements and bouquets will flaunt lively colors. Other wedding décor will stand out with exciting, energetic hues.


©2016 The Day Entertainment/TDE Wedding

Embrace the Sparkle

Just when you thought it went out of style, sequins, metallic and sparkles are back in center stage. Look for classic, Hollywood style glitz and glam, with a contemporary edge. Metallic and sequins will likely be found on cake tables, guest table linen cloths, wall coverings and on the bridal party.


©2016 The Day Entertainment/TDE Wedding

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Skin

Brides are becoming more bold and daring with their bridal gowns. Dresses are flaunting backless designs and low cuts in 2016 more than ever before. Look sexier than ever when you flaunt some skin and embrace the trend.

Our One-Stop Wedding Planning Services Ease the Stress of the Big Day

If you’re planning a wedding, this is just the beginning of different trends to consider. To receive an in-depth understanding of the latest trends, and the different services you’ll need to pull off the event, contact The Day Entertainment for One-Stop Wedding Services at (415) 813-8900 or via our online contact form for expert advice.